Day 72: It’s a fajita and it’s a cake; it’s a mutant

March 13, 2007


This afternoon, L and I made a tiny version of the Fajita Beef Pie, so that our guests could have a respite from the Rachael Ray onslaught, and get takeaway for dinner. Essentially, this is ground beef rather than chicken made into pizza topping but using beer rather than tomato sauce. The result is supposed to be a fun interpretation of a fajita, minus the troublesome tortilla rolling.

I don’t claim to be a fajita expert, but surely the thin, rollable quality of the tortilla as container is part of the appeal. Swapping the tortilla for an inch of solid, tummy-lining, muffin mix seems to be detracting from the good parts of the meal. Unfortunately, this ended up like a fajita cake, or just a minced beef cake. Very peculiar. And unfortunately not in a good way. Somehow, the muffin as pizza base was almost acceptable, but the muffin as tortilla really didn’t work. Maybe I don’t need to mention that I am pretty jealous of the probably Thai food the others will have tonight when I’m at work. I think I’d rather gnaw my own arm off than eat any more muffin mix meals. Tomorrow we have a change of pace and a welcome foray back into Asian food with Spicy Shrimp and Bok Choy Noodle Bowl. Sounds yumm-o.

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