Day 73: A change is as good as a rest

March 14, 2007


This evening we made Spicy Shrimp and Bok Choy Noodle Bowl [recipe] which was quick, easy and very tasty. Essentially bok choy, garlic, ginger, red pepper flakes and shiitake mushrooms were fried in vegetable oil, then chicken stock and seafood broth were added to the pot. Once the liquid was boiling, we threw in some vermicelli (thin spaghetti) pasta and some shrimp. Three minutes later we added some scallions, and two minutes after that we turned off the heat and let it stand for a couple of minutes.

The flavour balance was very delicate, although some of the diners thought that the ginger was a little overpowering. The recipe called for a 2″ piece of ginger to be peeled and either grated or chopped into matchsticks. We used a skinny little piece of ginger and decided to grate it in the hope that it wouldn’t be too dominant, but perhaps it was nevertheless. The red pepper flakes weren’t all that discernible; no one felt that this was a spicy dish, so perhaps next time we’d add a little more. The only reservation that I had with this recipe is that it called for one cup of seafood stock, and we had to buy an enormous box. In normal circumstances that wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, but this year we’ll need to freeze it or chuck it.

Overall, this was most definitely a winner. It was extremely straightforward with minimal clean-up and would be a great meal to throw together on a winter evening. After a day wrestling with a sick baby, this was just what the doctor ordered.

Tomorrow, we will be making Turkey or Chicken Croquettes with Spinach Mashers and Pan Gravy, followed by Cod Croquettes and Red Bell Pepper Gravy with Spinach Mashers the following day. It was refreshing to have one meal that was light enough that we could follow it with a muffin. If only all days could end with cake.

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