Day 78: The big question

March 19, 2007


One of the songs that Baby A likes to sing along to is LDN by Lily Allen, specifically the part that goes.

Sun is in the sky oh why oh why ?
Would I wanna be anywhere else
Sun is in the sky oh why oh why ?
Would I wanna be anywhere else

She dances and sings along but just says whyowhyowhyowhyo over and over again. Good question, whyo indeed. We have done our fair share of complaining about bad meals and being exasperated at some of the menus in this book. However, we’ve never seriously considered opting out of the One Year Project. Because it is a project that lasts for a year, and we’re less than a quarter of the way through. Today, however, I really had to question our commitment to this weird, somewhat pointless task that we have set ourselves.

After a day of just about managing to hold it together morning-sickness wise, coupled with a visit from AAA to replace my dead car battery, and inadvertently teaching Baby A to say “Oh s**t”, I finally got the baby fed, bathed and to bed. I think this feat upset some karmic balance because I spent the next hour in the bathroom throwing up a whole lot of nothing. So, charmingly, I had to then brace myself to go and cook chicken of all things. And then I had to sample it, and then I had to go back to the bathroom; my cycle of misery complete. Why would anyone do this? Why did I not go to bed with a handful of crackers? Because we’re stupidly stubborn, apparently. Or just plain stupid. And the thought of writing about food is not too appealing right now either, so the rest of this entry will be very quick, so I can go to bed with my crackers.

Sicilian-Style Chicken Cutlets with Chopped Caprese Salad for Two is essentially the same meal as yesterday, with a chicken breast replacing the swordfish, and with some mozzarella thrown in the salad for good measure. It’s basic fodder, tastes as you would imagine, and was very quick and easy. If you’re in the mood for chicken, I’m sure this would be a pretty good choice. If you’re suffering from morning sickness, however, I’d definately stay away. Tomorrow is a rare vegetarian meal, the 4th installment of the master recipe; Caprese Hot-or-Cold Pasta Toss.

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  • Reply Joannie March 20, 2007 at 6:39 am

    I feel so very sorry for you! I’m about 16 weeks pregnant and could not even imagine forcing myself to eat anything. I admire your commitment but I think everyone would agree it’s ok if you skip a day — especially as you move further along and your energy level drops even more. On the other hand, you’ll have an interesting story to tell new baby about your pregnancy.

  • Reply Madeline March 20, 2007 at 11:12 am

    If it were me and I wasn’t having any fun doing it, I would quit.

    Life’s too short to do stuff that doesn’t make you happy or that doesn’t have some sort of positive reward for you or someone else.

    But if you do continue, I will keep reading!

  • Reply Helen | One Year Project March 21, 2007 at 8:27 pm

    Hopefully, hopefully the sickness will subside in the next couple of weeks (pleeeeeeaaase!). If my last pregnancy is anything to go by, I’ll be happy to eat anything and everything after that. Hopefully at least…

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