Day 8: Not macaroni cheese

January 8, 2007

Recipe 8 always sounded a little odd, Mega Meatball Pizza and Zippy Italian Popcorn [recipe]. Are we the only people who find pizza with popcorn a peculiar choice? Maybe across the globe, droves of people are sitting down to this exact combination thinking it’s a classic. In this house we certainly found it strange. The pizza was meant to be meatball pizza- basically ground beef fried with garlic, onion, tomato paste, cheese and seasoning. We substituted drained diced tomatoes for the tomato paste so the end result was more like a very basic bolognese. Presumably the paste would have bound the mixture into balls of meat. Anyway, the pizza was not unlike bolognese on toast, one of my favourite uses for leftovers. This could have been because the pizza base we used was wholewheat, which is slightly more like bread than pizza. I thought the dish was ok overall, L was not so impressed. Baby A will weigh in on the discussion at lunchtime tomorrrow.

The side of popcorn tasted of garlic bread. We made a garlic butter with some oregano and crushed red pepper, which was then poured over the popped corn. Why would you not just make garlic bread? I don’t really get this meal, it seemed like the popcorn was just for novelty value. Anyway, it wasn’t macaroni cheese, for which we can only be grateful.

Tomorrow, turkey noodle casserole. I don’t think that it is made with cream of mushroom soup, let’s see if it tastes like it is…

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  • Reply GM January 9, 2007 at 7:16 am

    The whole wheat crust and crushed tomatoes must have made it a different meal than the one the husband and I had the other night. Our meal turned out to be one gigantic, but flat, meatball on top of basic pizza crust. We used the “back of a wooden spoon” to spread it around onto of the crust and that was it. Way too much meat for my liking.

    The husband thought it tasted like dried out maid-rites. In the end, he took it to work for lunch the next day, so it couldn’t have been that bad for him, though we have eaten frozen pizza, pasta with sauce straight out of the jar, and rice and beans for the last 6 years. I suppose he is just excited to be eating something slightly different.

    On a different note, v. excited to see you made it through the 4 nights of mac/cheese, but am v. sorry to see there are noodles on the docket again this evening. Good luck!

    BTW, love the blog/project – just in case you haven’t already figured this out.

  • Reply one year project » Blog Archive » Day 359: Oops I burnt it again December 25, 2007 at 11:48 pm

    […] Little A woke up wailing this morning as she wasn’t feeling well. Despite repeatedly telling her that Christmas is a happy time, she was thoroughly out of sorts all morning. She did seem happy with the play kitchen we got her, the one which took our man guest a couple of happy hours to assemble last night while L cooked. It seemed an appropriate gift, what with all the cooking around here. She told us she was making strawberry banana pasta, which is no stranger than some of the things that we have eaten this year, I’m thinking of you, Zippy Italian Popcorn. Everyone else went for a pre-lunch walk, while I intended to catch up on some much-needed sleep after a very fractured night. Unfortunately by the time Baby N had worked through her feeding/ excreting cycle, twice, everyone returned. For about ten minutes the three children were all napping, and I could here the excitement downstairs as the adults decided which film to watch. Then, the earth rotated ever so slightly on its axis, and as if by magic, all three were awake. Little A couldn’t stop crying long enough to take a nap, which hasn’t happened since the ear infection days. But there was a return of Christmas spirit later in the day when we played in the snow after a coffee and cake break. We took the girls sledging, which was hilarious, and the snowy world couldn’t have been more picture perfect. The kids’ day ended with the toddlers in the bath pretending to be seals, feeding each other foam fish. Comedy gold. […]

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