Day 84: Quick, easy, tasty, good (and yes it is chicken)

March 25, 2007


This evening, L did the chopping and I did the assembling of Chicken Francese and Wilted Spinach. This meal is so easy to make that it would be perfect if you had a roomful of very hungry people to feed. L chopped some parsley and garlic; I seasoned the chicken, dredged it in flour, and dipped it in beaten egg before frying it in olive oil and butter with some of the garlic. It looked for a while like a chicken encased in an omelette, which prompted L to say that he didn’t want to eat it, but we soldiered on. Once the chicken was golden, I removed it from the pan and added the white wine to deglaze. The heat of the pan made the wine erupt into a boiling, splattering explosion, which coated everything in a meter radius, but I have to say it smelled really good. Once it cooled down, and much more wine later, butter and parsley were added to the skillet to make a sauce. The spinach was wilted in olive oil and garlic, then seasoned with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Served with crusty bread, this was a remarkably successful chicken recipe. L forgot his eggy preconceptions, and dived in. Compared to the tough chicken we’ve had recently, this was perfectly cooked; moist, tender, delicate and flavoursome. The parsley wine sauce was very light and complimented the chicken well. The spinach was tasty and well-prepared. Overall, this was like a classy restaurant lunch; fairly sophisticated and light. A winner all round, and a welcome resurgence for the humble chicken.
Us: 0 Chicken: 1

Tomorrow, I will be making Flounder Francese with Toasted Almonds, Lemon and Capers while L has a work dinner. I’ll check out the relative safety of flounder for pregnant people and make it or a suitable substitute. The following day we remake with chicken, but using Limoncello, served with asparagus, our first of the year.

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