Day 86: Chicken is the new black

March 27, 2007

This afternoon we whipped up Chicken Mamacello and Asparagus Tips in a matter of minutes, whilst simultaneously cooking for, and feeding Baby A. The seasoning, flouring, egging, frying process is getting to be instinctual, and as mentioned previously, this is a really quick and easy process. The variation of the day involved swapping the spinach for asparagus tips boiled quickly in a little water with some lemon skin for flavour, and swapping the wine for Lemoncello lemon vodka. Some slices of lemon were also thrown in the sauce for good measure.

This meal is surprisingly good. We both agreed that if chicken always tasted this good, we might not be so hard on the poor animal. This may become our definitive method of cooking chicken breasts- they are so succulent and moist that, in comparison, all other methods of cooking seem to result in a shoe-like texture. The alcohol boiled off in a spectacularly messy fashion, leaving a subtle sweet lemon taste which went very well with the dish. The asparagus was a welcome change and very tasty. And we got to introduce Baby A to another small tree-like vegetable.

Overall, this is infinitely better with chicken than with fish (and I never thought I’d be saying that). Tomorrow, we continue our chicken affair with Bel Aria Chicken and Pasta.

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