Day 87: Another chicken down

March 28, 2007

Nyquil. How I love you, with your delicious cold-numbing ways, and Dayquil too. And that Chloraseptic throat spray stuff that tastes so good, I like you too. Pregnancy, how annoying that you dictate that cold medicine can not be taken; warm drinks are not doing the trick. I suppose it was inevitable that I would get the cough/ cold/ sore throat thing that L and Baby A have been battling for the last week or so. And I suppose feeling extra sorry for myself is inevitable too (see medicine, lack of, above). Boo hiss.

Anyway, back to matters in hand; this evening we made Bel Aria Chicken and Pasta, named after a dish in a famous opera cafe in New York, where Rachael Ray’s mother received her nickname Mamacello. This is a pretty straightforward pasta dish- brown some chicken, fry some mushrooms and garlic in butter and olive oil, add some Italian hot peppers, white wine and a ladle full of starchy pasta cooking water. Toss with the pasta, Parmigianno cheese and the parsley, and serve.

We both felt that the chicken was superfluous, and that this would be a fine vegetarian pasta dish. The garlic, mushroom and peppers worked well together and the sauce was very subtle. It’s a light and tasty dish- not wildly exciting- but pretty good. Tomorrow L will be eating pasta with swordfish, Pesce Spada Pasta, maybe it’ll be more exciting than dinner tonight. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some warm blackcurrant juice with my name on it.

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