Day 92: I will not be playing the lottery this week, when my numbers won’t be coming up

April 2, 2007


Did I say something yesterday about feeling better on the nausea front? Something like In pregnancy news, fingers crossed, touch wood, I haven’t been particularly sick for quite a few days, all being well. I am now just extraordinarily hungry, all the time. Ha ha ha ha ha. I’d be laughing if I didn’t feel so dreadful. Today I have thrown up everything that I ate, plus all the air that I have breathed. I have literally been sick all day; all freaking day. Today has been unbelievably grim, I had a horrible glimpse into the life of those who cannot eat enough to counteract morning sickness, and end up being hospitalised. I can only hope that today was just a blip on the radar of second trimester wonderfulness. As a beautiful compliment, L feels awful in his sinuses, and Baby A has yet another double ear infection. This is spectacularly messy since she had tubes put in her ears, and makes her unbelievably sad and out of sorts. Welcome to the fun house.

Anyway, L made an ate London Broil with Parsley-Horseradish Chimichurri, which he served with broccolini as suggested. This is really simple- the steak is broiled with Worcestershire sauce, olive oil and salt and pepper, then sliced after it has rested a while. The Chimichurri was made with parsley, garlic, lemon, olive oil, prepared horseradish and red wine vinegar. L thought that this would have been really good, if it wasn’t for the addition of the vinegar. The end result was unfortunately far too acidic. The meat was apparently very tasty and succulent, and he pushed the broccolini around on the plate a bit.

Overall; easy, good meat, disappointing serving suggestions. Tomorrow, if I can make it to the grocery store, we, or L, will be having Citrus Lover’s Menu: Rosemary-Orange Pork Chops and Lemon-Butter Broccolini. Excuse the brevity, I have some severe self-pitying to attend to.

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