Day 93: Great uses for citrus: orange duck, gin and tonic

April 3, 2007


This afternoon, I cooked Citrus Lover’s Menu: Rosemary-Orange Pork Chops and Lemon-Butter Broccolini, before heading out to work. The recipe is reasonably straightforward and works well time-wise; everything finished at the same time, which was a welcome change. A glaze is made for the meat with orange juice and zest, chicken stock (but of course), red pepper flakes, rosemary, brown sugar and parsley. Pretty much everything goes into the saucepan, where you can forget about it for a while. The chops are cooked in olive oil on a skillet and seasoned with salt and pepper. The broccolini was simmered in water, then doused in butter, lemon juice and lemon zest. Easy. The meal was served with fresh crusty bread.

Admittedly we sat down to try this at a weird mid-afternoon hour, which is maybe not the most conducive time for eating dinner. The meal seemed to have a good basis and rationale, it just seemed to fall a little flat. The glaze was a successful consistency, both sticky and a little runny, with floaty herby bits on top. It was zesty and a little spicy, whilst being quite sweet. The pork chops were fine, and the broccolini was a lemony green vegetable. I saw an episode of Rachael Ray where the lemon broccolini was prepared by microwaving the stalks in a little water with a slice of lemon peel. We have tried that method and it is much easier, and just as successful, without the additional butter. There’s nothing wrong with this meal, and I would imagine that many people would enjoy it, we just collectively weren’t all that interested. L really doesn’t like vegetables from the broccoli family, or oranges in food other than orange duck or orange beef, or actual oranges. I like both of the above, but the whole meat and sauce thing is not doing anything good for me while I feel sick (although I feel about twenty times better than yesterday, which is quite a relief). However, I just turned round to see one of our cats licking the glaze off the meat, charming. Animals, who’d have ’em?

Tomorrow we’ll be crafting Sliced Grilled Steak on Blue Cheese Biscuits with Watercress, Sour Cream, and Sliced Tomatoes. This seems to be an elaborate sandwich where giant biscuits replace the bread. Should be interesting, perhaps.

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