Day 98: This little piggy went to market, this little piggy ate cheese

April 8, 2007


Ham and Cheese-Stuffed Pork Chops with Lot-o’-Mushrooms Sauce always sounded excessively excessive. A half inch slab of gouda was supposed to be wrapped with two sage leaves and two slices of Black Forest ham, then stuffed inside an incision cut into an inch thick pork chop. We halved the amounts of both cheese and ham, and this is still an insanely overindulgent dish. It would probably work well if you were doing Atkins, and decided that a pork chop would be an excellent carbohydrate-free bread substitution for your ham and cheese toastie. And then you could eat it for breakfast, and who wouldn’t want three proteins stacked like Russian dolls? It’s like a Turducken, or you could wrap the whole lot in bacon then stick it inside a chicken and it would be like a Turduckenbacoporkcheeham.

The protein slab was served with a with a side of cauliflower and a mushroom sauce made with butter, flour, chicken stock, white wine, thyme, garlic and mushrooms. All of the elements were good in themselves. The sauce was rich and dense in flavour, and certainly had a Lot-o’-Mushrooms. The cauliflower was a nice change in pace for a side vegetable, although we skipped the garlic butter serving suggestion. I may have to change my mind, on the record, about the humble cauli- I actually really enjoyed it, and I always thought I hated cauliflower. The pork chop was good, and the cheese stuffing was ok. If there was just one slice of cheese inside (a slice, not a 1/2″ or 1/4″ slab) with the fresh sage leaves, without the ham, this would have been much more successful. As we made it tonight, we each sampled it, but couldn’t eat it- and neither can the cats, apparently.

We had some great ham today at the Easter party we attended (appalling segue, I know). The party was hilarious- I never would have thought, prior to having children, that watching kids look for eggs would be so amusing. A little girl a couple of months younger than Baby A had drive and ambition and found eggs like she had been training for the event for months. Interestingly, she has really driven, successful parents. Baby A on the other hand, wandered around picking up stones and looking at logs, and when she finally found some eggs (with much encouragement and help from the assembled adults), she would bang two together for a while, then drop them or put them down somewhere and wander off to look at a blade of grass. I wonder what that might say about her personality and her parents?

So tomorrow, we have to do the shopping for the week ahead; 4 chicken, 1 fish, and 2 meat servings. Tomorrow we will be having Chicken, Corn and Black Bean Stoup, which I am looking forward to as the soups seem to be a bit lighter than a lot of the menus featured. This seems pertinent as I am slowly making my way through an enormous cake bunny ear decorated with M&M’s. And then there’s Baby A’s candy to eat on her behalf. She doesn’t know about sweets and chocolate yet, although we’d be lying if we said she wasn’t intimately acquainted with oatmeal raisin cookies. And she may have had a number of toddler meltdowns stemming from trips to Starbucks which didn’t result in said cookie, cookie, cookie, cooooo-oookiiiieee.

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